Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Funding models change with the times

I’m Melissae Fellet, one of the NASW graduate travel fellows and a student in the
science communication program at UC Santa Cruz. On Saturday, I’m blogging about our discussions regarding new funding models for journalism.

It’s no secret that journalism is changing. As my science writing career journey begins, I am eager to learn all that I can about what that change looks like. My chosen field might be in flux, but I’m ready follow the adventure wherever it may lead.

More about me: I realized I wanted to be a writer while I finished my Ph.D. in chemistry. Based on my time in a lab, I believe the scientific process is a uniquely human experience, filled with determination, frustration, and joy. I hope to share these emotions with others through my stories. Inspiration strikes while I’m hiking among the magnificent redwoods of the Santa Cruz mountains, sleeping under the stars, or baking a loaf of bread. To learn more, check out my website.

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