Thursday, November 4, 2010

Who Wouldn't Want to Experiment in New Media?

I'm Cori Vanchieri, a freelance editor and writer who's fascinated by science and medicine. As a freelancer, it's easy to lose track of the myriad efforts to reach readers through new media. Who's got time to keep track of what's working and what's not? As a winner of an NASW travel fellowship, I'll be blogging from the NASW session "Experiments in New Media" and will report on the experiences of those who've been there, done that. The session was organized by Denise Graveline and Joe Bonner, so you know it'll be entertaining and informative. They're promising stories of startling successes and failures that led to greatness.

I've been a science writer since the late '80s, freelancing since 1997. The thrill for me is finding a good science story and telling it really well. I love to work with writers to help them turn their reporting into engaging, understandable stories. These days, I'm an editor for the Howard Hughes Medical Institute's four-color magazine called HHMI Bulletin and for Cleveland Clinic Magazine. Other clients include IOM, JNCI, Fit Pregnancy, NIH, AAMC and a bunch of other acronyms. If I don't see you at the meeting, keep an eye out for my blog posts.

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