Friday, November 5, 2010

Point and shoot

It’s happening. Publications everywhere are adding video and audio clips to their Web sites, uploading everything from standalone teasers and interviews with prominent researchers, to “This-is-how-it-really-works” demonstrations.

And science writers who love their keyboards and like to keep within easy reach of their desk and coffee mug find themselves nudged out the office door with a handy-cam and tripod strapped to their back, and told to return with tasty footage, or not return at all.

To turn out quick, clean, web-friendly video, what do science writers need to know? Find out on Saturday, when I’ll blog on the video workshop “Producing video, on camera and off” led by video veterans Christine Nicholson, contributing video editor at Scientific American and co-creator of “Science of Sex,” and Eric R. Olson, resident audio and video editor at Nature Publishing Group.

I’ll post Nicholson’s and Olson’s tips for video production and storytelling, from presenting yourself on camera (don’t pick your nose) and interviewing (don’t make the scientist cry) to shooting and camera-handling.

I’m Nidhi Subbaraman, a graduate student fellow at NASW this year. I was a biochemistry major once, and graduated in September from MIT’s science writing program. I’ve written for Technology Review, Nature Biotechnology, and New Scientist on biomedical engineering, magic materials, and scientists who like to dance. More by me at my website.

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