Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Who Doesn't Love Data?

Hello, fellow science writers! I'm Virginia (Ginny) Hughes, an NASW Travel Fellow, freelance writer, Brooklynite, foodie and brain geek.

I'm interested in neuroscience, genetics, biotech and the growing number of ways in which they overlap. You can check out my clips on my website, or go read my posts on various blogs: The Last Word on Nothing, NOVA's Secret Life of Scientists & Engineers, and On SFARI, an autism news blog.

I'll be rolling into the conference bright and early on Saturday morning, and I'm planning to blog from the session on 'Data visualization for reporting and storytelling.' As scientists ramp up their work on whole-genome sequencing, say, and gene expression maps, and protein configurations and brain 'connectomes', we journalists need to figure out compelling ways to present those massive streams of data. I'll report back with some good tips — and, with any luck, some pretty pictures!

(I'll also be Tweeting a bit from the conference, via @virginiahughes.)


  1. Ooh, I love the Secret Life of Scientists Videos.

  2. Get in touch if you want to chat ahead of time via @physicsdavid. I'm organizing the session.

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