Tuesday, November 2, 2010


I'm going to leave my laptop computer at home for the conference—my first work-related trip since the mid-1990s without one. But I'm bringing my (work-assigned) iPad, and stuffing my ongoing work into the cloud of Google Docs and Dropbox in an attempt to keep up. I' m surprised at how nervous this strategy is making me.

But it also made me wonder: How are you all planning to work, stay connected, take notes, follow social media, and so on during ScienceWriters 2010? Anyone have any good plans—software or hardware?

Image: ExplorePAhistory and Corbis Bettman


  1. I'll be toting my usual conference kit: laptop, power strip, iPhone, charger. One iPad to rule them all? Will you be able to shift easily from app to app?

  2. No idea how it will work. Bringing a Bluetooth keyboard too.

  3. I'm planning on operating from my iPad and iPhone (mainly for the camera) and collecting info via Evernote, synching via Dropbox, and writing/editing via Elements (typing on the iPad itself). I'll bring my netbook as backup but haven't actually needed to open it on recent trips.

  4. I'll be bringing my laptop and IPhone. I don't have an IPad, and I'd love to hear how it fares as a laptop/netbook replacement.
    Personally I think the new Macbook Air would be pretty ideal...